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RockMe Facing The Truth Mix1
Hi everyone this is my first mix for a very long time,just been too busy with life Smile,this is my mix and enjoy.

.mp3    RockMe Facing The Truth MIX1.mp3 --  (Download: 10.65 MB)

.mp3    RockMe Facing The Truth MIX2.mp3 --  (Download: 10.76 MB)

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It feels pretty good. Some things jump out at me though.
I really like the bass guitar but it might be a bit loud and dictated some of the other decisions in the mix.

The vocal feels a bit too 'filtered' and midrangy. I seems like this vocal should be a bit bigger and fuller. It feels like you made room in to vocal for everything else as opposed to the band making room for the vocal.

The distorted guitars, mainly in the chorus, feel a bit too bright and 'overexposed'. You can feel it coming out of the first chorus and that break before the second verse feels like a bit of a let down and it takes a bit for the ears to adjust. I appreciate the dynamics those guitars add but they might take up too much harmonic real estate.

I wish that one guitar at the break was louder. The energy evaporates a bit there.

I like the flangy part in the instrumental break. I think it's such an obvious effect thought that it could sit back more and the other guitars that play the riff could stand out front.

I like the drums. Especially the mono feel in the intro.

I think overall it's pleasant to listen to. It could use some tweaks but it's not a bad job at all.

It doesn't have to sound good. People just need to think it sounds good.
Thanks for your comments Roy,i have made some adjustments so let us know when you can,i will leave a comment on your mixes in a day or two once my ears have rested.Thanks again.
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