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hi here is my mix hope you like it.
as always ((Smile)) (hear it) and say what you think or jast push the rating button.

.mp3    JavaJive3_Full_mix.mp3 --  (Download: 5.11 MB)

There's a pleasantly 'down home in a barn' kind of feel to this that has real folk authenticity. In general everything seems pretty well balanced too, although I wonder whether the depth prespective could do with a little more work -- the dobro feels rather diffuse and distant, whereas the madolin pokes forward out of the mix a bit too much with its transients. Somehow the stereo field doesn't seem to balance as a result -- it feels a bit right heavy. The hi-hat has too much 8-10kHz on it for me, and I'd probably aim a notch at that frequency on the drum tracks to avoid it advancing too far forward on the stage.

You seem to be relying a lot on the bass for low mids too. Could the piano have a bit more of this action? I think it might warm up the mix as a whole that way. Thanks for posting!

(And thanks too for your continuing feedback posts here on other people's mixes -- it's really building into something we can all learn from!)
hi mike yes i feel i did rely on the bass in this track and not on the piano,it did sound to me that thay did this track for fun more than any thing alse so i did my best to have the energy go all the way of the track.
i realy like to hear what you think on the other 2 Smile
thanks uzi
Nice job on the snare!