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[ZMoney] Headwound Harry XXXV
Hey everybody!

Got some new headphones recently, so I've picked up mixing some of these multitracks to get acclimated to them!

Here's my mix of Headwound Harry. On the side I'm also part of a deathcore/metalcore band, so this one jumped out to me!

  • Vocals: Lots of EQ → Compression → Distortion → Compression 2 → FX (stereoizers, pitch stuff)
  • Guitars: EQ → Compression + Channel Distortion → EQ → Comp
  • Bass: Split (DI + Distorted High) → EQ → Compression
  • Drums: Usually EQ → Compression, but also added a Sampled Snare + Gated Pink noise. For cymbals, used some spectral compression to reduce harshness.
Here and there I added some Cinematic Impacts/Hits, and Sub (usually where the song changes section + vocals comes back in). Threw an L2 + Comp on the master.

Hope you like it!

(Note: Definitely not perfect - some spots the vocals may sound a little too flanged/exposed, and too "mono" here and there. Blast-beat snare also is a little loud here and there, but its just a 1 day mix, might come back to it again)

.mp3    ZMoney_HeadwoundHarry.mp3 --  (Download: 5.81 MB)