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Master Only for Dead Enemies
Hey guys i'm Doug i'm just here to get some practice in mastering wise. So all I did was do a quick master on this track took me about a half hour. I have yet to reference on anything other then my monitors at home. Please let me know what you think. I used all WAVEs plugins with a Fabfilter Limiter. Let me know your thoughts compared to the unmastered version?

.wav    Dead Enemies Master Practice 2.wav --  (Download: 94.71 MB)

My only thoughts on the initial mix is I wish the snare and toms were a bit louder in the mix especially the snare. Perhaps a bit more parallel compression in the snare. Just doesn't sound full enough in my opinion. This is a very thick mix though so I can imagine the trouble in doing so. The guitars sound amazing and the stereo field on the acoustic is great. Vocals sit pretty good very dynamic. My only opinion on the spoken parts is that I wish he didn't sit above the mix all that much. But this definitely is a killer mix.
So I'm listening in my car on my way to work and from what I could tell it sounds like I get turned down some of the siblince. Can probably turn up the low end thump with the multi-band to make it punchier. I was trying to make this master super crisp in modern. I also slammed the limiter but I think I can afford to turn it down a few decibels in gain. Seems like I made the symbols to crispy. Kind of clashes of the vocals.