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Amateur Mix of Heart Peripheral
Hello! I'm relatively new to mixing and this is my first attempt at mixing an EDM song.
I mixed this in Pro Tools with only stock plugins (and I don't own any hardware). If you have any other questions about my process or setup, ask away!
I'm a beginner, so I welcome any criticism that can be given!

.mp3    Brooks_Lab2_Revision.mp3 --  (Download: 7.38 MB)

I do like the dynamics. There's a jump up in the chorus and that's cool. I don't know what elements you have to work with in this multitrack but I could use more "clap" in the chorus. I hear it and it's there but it could be presented with some backbone. If that makes sense. There are some upper midrange 'stabbiness' in the vocals but that's an easy fix. Verse vocals could be louder.

If I had one gripe it would be that it feels a bit dry and flat. I just really want some reverb and delay on elements. Something to add some movement.
Hi Lauren!

I just finished a mix myself and had a listen to yours. Here's my take, FWIW
- In general theres some strategic mutes in the songs that are great moves for big picture arrangement interest

- the mute after ‘standby’ was a cool novel move, was less desirable the second time for 'flight' though Wink

- I like that you ended the song on a nice vocal reverb tail instead of the synth dying sound.

- Good solid kick and rhythm elements, right from the get go it feels appropriate for the genre

 - I think there’s a bit too much reverb on the initial plucky chord keys in the first verse, conversely some reverb/different effect treatments would be more welcome in the bridge on these plucks

- Vocals could be much wider, especially with the lead vocal, and especially especially the background vocals. plenty of stock plugins and simple panning to help with that

- Drums could use a lot more saturation for excitement and punch

- Background vocals are much too low in the final chorus, theres lots to work with there from the tracks, really spend time on automating, highlighting elements, panning, send effects etc! Next to the drums, the vocals are the most important elements of the track to get right and make sound epic!

- Overall the core components of the song: drums, bass, melodic instruments, and vocal feel like the stems- disparate, not cohesive. I think this is a challenge with this particular set of multitracks, making everything feel well gelled and glued together and not what it is- some loops and a top line vocal sung over it. More channel summing, bus compression, saturation, and subtle effects uses should help!

Some general balance issues-

- Verse 1 vocal is much too quiet

-‘Inch by inch’ is a cool textural idea and effect but is much too quiet compared to the next unaffected vocal line, same by ‘letting it roll’, and ‘hey who.

- In my opinion, the bass is much too high in the chorus drops. I think this is a challenging issue particular for this song as there’s no bass equivalent sub arp bass in the verses, so judging what feels right for the chorus and how to solve this problem is tough!

Hope this is helpful insight for you! Keep at it Big Grin