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James May: 'Don't Let Go' - Olli H
(09-05-2014, 01:12 AM)Pedaling Prince Wrote: And you wonder why I'm "on your case."

I don't think this is either the time nor the place to launch into a personal attack, and indeed, I think it's especially discourteous towards Olli and other forum participants.

Let this be clear to you, and I will say it again: I have offered you before an opportunity to contact me directly via PM if you wish to engage in personal matters.

Anyone has the opportunity to contact me directly if they feel offended or have concerns about anything i've posted during feedback, and then I can address their issues and help clear up any misunderstanding which might have occurred. I only talk facts involving mixing, and I don't engage in personal character assassinations. Nobody has contacted me directly which suggests they obviously aren't bothered....and certainly nobody has requested that I edit or remove a posting. As far as your statistics are concerned, they are irrelevant....there's always people who moan, especially if their egos have been bruised.

I have no identity....i have no ego. My only concern is getting people's mixes rocking and anything I can do to help them, I will. When I give feedback, I generally put in a lot of effort if time permits, when I could instead be doing my own thing. Actually, I have another concern....and that is the false and misleading information that some members broadcast unwittingly. Novices can't make judgements on what is right and what is wrong and those who understand the technical aspects have a responsibility to ensure they get the right well as try and correct those who distribute myths, for example. Everyone is here to learn, even the person who said I was “fixated” about mono mixing. If i'm fixated, then I must have good reason to be.

If specific forum participants don't get value from my feedback they are welcome to ask me not to contribute to their threads in future and I will respect their wishes accordingly. I formally request that you cease posting on my threads henceforth. Should you continue do so, I will consider it a form of “mobbing” and will feel obliged to take formal steps. Now, please leave me alone.

Sorry Olli.

Beware...........Cognitive Dissonance!

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