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James May: 'Don't Let Go' - Olli H
(08-05-2014, 10:28 AM)The_Metallurgist Wrote: mixing isn't only about Art.....anyone who thinks this is living in cloud cuckoo land.

OK. I imagine you're talking about me here, as I'm usually the one who makes a point about saying mixing is an art. However, whether or not you're referring to me is beside the point I want to make:

What is your problem, man?! "[A]nyone who thinks this is living in cloud cuckoo land." Why do you feel the need to turn observations into personal insults and name-calling? So you don't agree with anyone who holds the philosophy that mixing is art. Fine. Why not just say that? What is the point of the pedomorphic name calling?!

And you wonder why I'm "on your case."

The thing that really irritates me is not what you're saying; sometimes I even agree with you (and stated as much in another posting I made only a short while ago). What irritates me is the insulting way you insist on expressing yourself. I'm not alone in this opinion, either. I've received PMs from three people now about you (and remember, it's generally understood that for every person that speaks up there are five more thinking the same thing but keeping their mouths shut). Two of them think you're simply out of your mind. The third actually came to your defence but, interestingly enough, even that person acknowledged that your way of treating others is unnecessarily abrasive at times.

Did it ever occur to you that people might take you more seriously if you canned the sarcasm and "wit" and just expressed your ideas in straightforward, and respectful, language?

(08-05-2014, 10:28 AM)The_Metallurgist Wrote: i was pleased to hear you say you built the instruments around the vocal....i don't know how many people here who aren't singers, will tend to bias their mixes towards "their" instrument and neglect the same care and attention elsewhere - it's often possible to spot the drummers from the electric guitarists, for example. vocal is THE MOST important instrument and everything else is there to support it.....

There's a good example of something you say that I agree with. I also agree with the way you said it here; you didn't resort to name calling and snide remarks regarding the drummers and electric guitarists you mentioned. So it's obvious you can be a polite, constructive participant here.

So why aren't you?
John A. Ardelli
Pedaling Prince Pictures

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