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James May: 'Don't Let Go' - Olli H
(07-05-2014, 09:00 AM)Olli H Wrote: To sparkle or not sparkle
I'm not sure why, but personally I like slightly darker guitar tone. Even with my own acoustic guitar I use duller string. Well, now that when I force my self to think about it, I have nothing against sparkling sound, but too often sparkling guitar is also the one that produces bad screeching tones, and they are among the most annoying "musical" noises I know. Maybe that's the reason I have accustomed myself to darker guitar tones.

Olli, this is a stunning mix! your vision here was spot on, and made for great audiophile - i never thought i'd find myself saying this in the forum!! the ambiance and interrelationships between the instruments was fantastic.....and you got the ambiance nailed beautifully. the tone you created overall in the mix was well balanced....acoustic guitars can easily get edgy and irritating as a consequence and this can put people off - unless they are half deaf anyway! i appreciated your choice of spectral balance here...especially as my ears are highly sensitive.

reading Pauli's "nerd post" above was superbly enlightening (keep it coming Pauli....nerds rock!) and added some very credible flavour to this thread. i wish more of this took place in the forum, to be honest. mixing isn't only about Art.....anyone who thinks this is living in cloud cuckoo land.

i was pleased to hear you say you built the instruments around the vocal....i don't know how many people here who aren't singers, will tend to bias their mixes towards "their" instrument and neglect the same care and attention elsewhere - it's often possible to spot the drummers from the electric guitarists, for example. vocal is THE MOST important instrument and everything else is there to support it.....and you did this to perfection.

to sparkle or not to sparkle? i think your mix answers the question impeccably and succinctly.

do you plan to mix any of David Youngs material?

on a tangent....i'm wondering if your choice of tone and use of burnt-in strings, has a lot to do with the room you are playing in and the reflections and general absorptive nature of the furnishings for example. a bright, highly reflective room will tend to exaggerate a bright instrument, especially as a reflective room will fire those signals directly back at the performer and help to exaggerate the spectral aspects. maybe this is why engineers in decent studios request new strings because this is what performs best from a recording angle in a "tuned" studio where modal interference is an irrelevant issue, and where decent mics and a quality signal chain prevail.

anyway, keep it coming, you brought joy to my coffee break! thank you so much.
Beware...........Cognitive Dissonance!

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