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Very tricky track to mix especially kick and bass I would like to have your opinion on this first mixdown.

.mp3    Pepper Marks ++ Interlude [Mixdown].mp3 --  (Download: 16.21 MB)

Mr. Loud
thanks for taking your time on my track!!

i should say im curious on why the track is tricky hahah IMO, the difficulty of this mix comes down to mixing drums. other elemetns are pretty well "pre-mixed", if i do say so myself.

anyhow, i see your in your initial stages of the mix. levels are pretty good (supposing your gonna use some compressors, clippers and limiters to get a bit more energy), but with some nitpicks:

- i miss the low end of the mix as a whole. even when i turn up the mix louder, it's like you've put hi passes in a lot of tracks hahaha
- kick is a bit too much "clicky" IMO, try turning down the second kick sample or using an EQ
- Plates feel too highpassed as well. try backing down that hi pass on the OH and Room tracks. since drums are programmed, those "bleeds" are essential for getting more of a natural drum sound
- try turning up that snare room sample 3-6dB.
- can't hear the bass track as well, you can turn that up.

again, thanks for mixing!!

if it sounds good, do it bruh