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Much to much. Mix
Please listen to my mix and give comments.
Thanks, Leo Lankhuijzen

.mp3    Much to much Mix5 mp3.mp3 --  (Download: 10.17 MB)

Hi Leo,
I like the vocal treatment here.  I feel the balances and space overall is a bit off though.  A couple of thoughts;  This is a big band as such, so it needs to be all about the brass.  I would be inclined to push the drums back in the room and make them sound more centered (mono-ed up) and pushed back.   The same would probably  apply to the piano remembering that this is being played to accompany the vocal.  This will then give room for the brass section as they start to emerge and then explode into action.  At the moment it feels like the brass is hiding down the back.  

The best example of this song, is the sample track that Mike has mixed.  Listen to how nice the bass sits in the mix and how the track builds and the brass stands out.  

The elements are all there and you have them sounding pretty good, it's just a case of adjusting your balance and the performing space.

I hope this helps.
Hello Dave, many thanks for your reply. And what you discribe. I’m gonna listen to Mike’s mix.
And offcourse to my own. It’s very helpful to get critics. Wish you would listen to my other mixes.
Thanks, Leo Lankhuijzen