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Angelsaint Hanibal the Animal Style
For a song so depressing it was sure fun to mix. Got to pull out some tricks I don't usually get to use. Used a little analogue gear on master buss but other than that all in the box. I think my main vocals my be a bit low in the choruses. Any suggestions and comments are appreciated. Thanks.

.mp3    Trivial Mix Mastering.mp3 --  (Download: 3.47 MB)

Wow that's cool!
I really like your mix, especially the frequency balance. Listening to it makes me realize my mix lacks some air...

If I had to suggest something, in my humble opinion I'd say yes, rise up all the vocals on choruses. That should even bring more dynamics between verses and choruses (if you're not hitting the limiter too hard), which I think would be a good thing.