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Multi came already mixed - 16bit Unbroken
This multi had been “extensively worked” already to the point that it was 98.9 percent mixed. There's boat loads of non-linear artifacts as well as other major and minor clues. It doesn't need more artifacts, and neither does the listener's ears/brain. Removing them is not an option Wink

Not wishing to destroy it further by yet more processing, I opted for working the master buss only. Without compression!

There's minimal panning of some elements. Bass up, lead screamer faded down for headroom on the first role, minor parts of the LV were faded up as a matter of urgency and that's about it regarding the tracks themselves. 16Bit is what it is - poor dynamic range cf 24bit. Why the readme tells lies we can only guess, but for those who are unable to make these assessments, it is an obstacle to their self development IMO, and me in furthering mine! Nothing worse than a novice being fooled into thinking what they are hearing is top notch material for mixing when it isn't.

So, the only processing I did, was on the master buss.

I have NO COMPRESSION running, there was far too much in the multi already. A brickwall limiter sits on the final slot to protect my gear, but there's no gain reduction taking place and it's entirely transparent.

There's discussion occasionally regarding PROFANITY and I mention it here for obvious reasons. It's hypocritical to discuss it, have a policy for postings, then to make available multi's with potty language like this for all kids to digest as if it's OK. The concern regarding schools blocking the site is bunkum – there's software out there that removes or even modifies bad language without blocking sites. Schools use it so important materials like news papers which can often quote bad language, aren't blocked for children's educational benefit. It's a matter of principle....even ethical?

I will mention, off topic, that there's a song that has a pornographic dialogue....Is this really necessary material with which to offer mixing opportunities?

I'm off to prayers now....I'm late as it is.

.mp3    Unbroken.mp3 --  (Download: 8.31 MB)