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Back Home to Blue - My 2nd
Beautiful song.
I have enjoyed a lot with it.
Congratulations to "The Long Wait"
I would appreciate your feedback.
Have a happy day.

.mp3    Back Home to Blue - Inner Music Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 9.63 MB)

It's a good start but I think you could do a few things to make it better. It sounds "clinical" to me, like everything was recorded and mixed completely digital. It is also too cool of a mix and needs more warmth with this style of song. It needs some contrast in the instrument tones and levels, featuring certain instruments or vocals at certain times while reducing others...capture the listeners interest as the song is moving along. One of the electric guitars (on the right side) is pretty piercing in tone.

These are all things I believe you can address. Try some saturation/tube/tape plugins on your tracks or buses to add some color and analog warmth. Give each instrument a subtle unique tonal quality so our ears can more easily distinguish them in the mix. Use some volume automation to draw the ear (small moves) to parts as the song moves along.
Comments are my personal opinion intended to help. I listened to your mix in studio on:
Yamaha HS80M/HS10W through a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 or
Sennheiser HD600 or HyperX Alpha headphones
all with and optionally without Sonarworks software.

MITB enthusiast, FOH Sound Engineer, Drummer
New version.
Thanks four your help.

Listening to it now, I´m thinking that maybe there is too much saturation.
Not sure.

.mp3    Back Home to Blue - Inner Music Mix v2.mp3 --  (Download: 9.86 MB)