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Ukraina - RizziHiFi mix
Hi everyone this is my first post.. i hope you enjoy my mix.

.mp3    Ukraina_RizziHiFi_mix.mp3 --  (Download: 9.74 MB)

Hi Rizzi,

Thank you for your very kind comment Smile
I will start with drums. Originals are not really good so samples are welcome - but you've over processed it (maybe on purpose) and killed cymbals.
Please try to rebuild overheads and pull back snare sample a bit - let the overheads shine a bit more.
Bass - sounds not bad, but eats low end. Hi pass it at 60-80Hz (take 70) at 6-12-18dB curve so you would create extra space for kick.
(Put some R-bass from Waves on it to compensate)
Also strings are not present enough - let them play little louder as an ear candy for listener.
Thank you so much Roxa for your suggestions. Cool 
I remake all the overheads, I removed the fxs (such as a sort of flanger) and I boosted.
The snare.. you are right.. it was huge.. now I add a sample because i wasn't able to make good frequencies near 200-300Hz.
Kick and bass in facts was not amalgamated well. Now I tried to cut at 70Hz and I remake completely the kick. I use a sort of gate to remove the long tail from the kick.
Strings... I tried to come out much more mid frequencies and a played a little bit with phases..

What do you think now??

PS: I forget to mention that i removed the noise from the snare... i noticed using diffrent headphones.. when you compress it cames out very much noise from ther rec..
did you notice that?

.mp3    Ukraina2_RizziHiFi_mix.mp3 --  (Download: 9.92 MB)

Very nice, but bass disappeared now - Have you cut it or hi pass it at 70? Smile
Hi pass it at 70, add couple dBs at 90-100Hz and a bit around 250 Hz (for phone listeners) plus a bit at 1000 Hz (and maybe some around 1500 to taste)
Actually I haven't notice noise from the snare Smile
thanx you Roxa, I will upload the new version that is in progress..