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Hi everyone.

I've tried to stress a sort of ethereal feeling (reverbs and delays, some tail for the snare-claps combo). For me, this song works pretty well like a mantra (repetitive but engaging) so I didn't change any arrange, just in the final part, so that the voice and the synth fade away with nothing else.

The voice has an additional treatment.

I hope you enjoy it.

.mp3    Ecstasy-LCM! MIX.mp3 --  (Download: 7.7 MB)

I like where this is heading especially the vocal the effect nicely seperates it from the synth behind it and sounds smoother, unfortunately the quality of the vocal is what it is as its from splice. I think you could improve the low end as the kick isnt coming through quite enough, bringing up the sub area a little and cleaning up the muddy parts, the snare could be a big bigger and more impactful aswell. Also you can afford to squash the hell out of this and get it loud as theres not much in the sense of dynamics, clipping and limiting.