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Back From The Start SpedeMIX (It's rough!)
Hi everybody!

Thanks for Xabix for fast reaction with the floor tom track. I had already begun mixing this song before I received the floor tom (and actually printed a version without it). Since I had no tom mic in the beginning, I was experimenting with super boomy and compressed room mics to bring the tom low end through. In the end I took some of the room boominess away (and reserved the tom mic for that) but kept the compression Big Grin I don't remember since when was the last time I compressed drums this hard. Obviously it works well when there's no whole lotta cymbals. I didn't use any reverb on the drums; it's all room mics and such.

Since I was gonna work some more on this anyway (after the first mixdown), I decided to spend some more time to bring some "extra" to the table. Some of the (sparse) vocal effects are the result. Since original vocal recording were already somewhat distorted, there was no way I was gonna get a "normal" sound out of them, so I took this sizzlingly distorted, super-dry route to contrast with the roomy drums.

Since I'm so thrilled about the results, it probably means at least somebody is bound to hate this. Big Grin That has already happened few times lately.

.m4a    Back_From_The_Start_SpedeMix2.m4a --  (Download: 2.47 MB)

Very interesting mix ! Like the "production effects" on the voice... and all these little stuff happening !
Nice drums too Smile
I really like what you've pulled off here Smile
To mix or not to mix ... mix!
Pretty nice mix, the vibe fits great.

Only thing i would like different is i would go for mor pillowy/less attack snare because it contrast a lot with the lack of attack of the saturated vocals. Or maybe increase the mid his/his in the voice to match the impact of the drums.
Please comment on others mixes, this site is all about feedback.