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Sascha SpedeMix
Hi. I did a mix out of this one couple of days ago. Posting it now. I decided to take an "Andy Wallace":ish approach to this one: Big kick drum and lots of reverb and detune everywhere.

.m4a    Sascha_SpedeMix.m4a --  (Download: 5.26 MB)

Is that the original kick? If so, congrats - I couldn't work it into my mix. Like the drums - the kick may be a touch loud. The guitars have some really good energy, but most of them are a bit on the dark side. This does remind me of an Andy Wallace mix though! Nice job!
Very interesting new ideas on the mix in this one. How on earth did the kick get like that? It's also very soft and relaxing in comparison, great job man!

Great mix!
To mix or not to mix ... mix!
Replaced kick, toms and snare in this one don't cut it for me, quite forward in the mix and very noticeable. Bass guitar is also very boomy and a little too loud in the middle. I think you've pushed it too much to make it sit with that kick drum. Guitars are too quiet on the sides also. They're almost gone completely when listened to in mono. I'd try adding some roomy reverb - maybe a single stereo bus that you route all guitars through and sweeten to taste - and lift their level a good few dB. Intro phaser/flanger on guitars is too "black-hole sun" for me and I feel distracts the ear from the groove of the track.
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