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My "Song For John" Mix
Was a nice song to work with, a few acoustic challenges... Hope you enjoy..

.mp3    Song For John Final...mp3 --  (Download: 11.47 MB)

.mp3    Song For John CustRev 1..mp3 --  (Download: 11.47 MB)

Everyone hears it a little different....
House of Bedlam - YouTube

Yeah I agree that this one is a little bit of a challenge. I started this one over a few times actually. It’s a great song, and well worth putting in the effort I feel.

Nice job evening out those low strings on the acoustic. The piano and string section are really nice in this mix. The long term dynamics work well throughout the mix too. It’s not quite as easy as it seems to keep everything in place - as the arrangement starts out small and then keeps growing towards the end as all the elements are brought in.

Watch the top end on the vocal and guitar in the first half - there’s a bit of a build up around 3k? I think that a little dip on the master (or those channels) should clear up nicely. Might be able to roll just a very slight touch of top end edge off the vocals and guitar too, to get rid of that very slight sense of brittleness. I found adding in a touch of low mids helped with that too.

Second half of the mix - the frequency balance is much better as the bass fills in the low mids and bottom end nicely and rounds out the balance.

Listening back to this and hearing the choir balances, amongst other things, it seems to me that you’ve also spent quite some time with this one with pretty good results. I think this is a really good effort.

Thank you much for the feedback.
Everyone hears it a little different....
House of Bedlam - YouTube