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Monked for John
Oh, really?

"For maximum mixdown flexibility, the contributors have made every effort to provide audio ‘raw’, in other words without additional effects or processing...."
Oh really? Words are cheap.

Despite the quote, IIMO many mixes come here already mixed, complete with the unwanted unpleasant artifacts and distortions from such.  This one is no different, sadly.

The pink noise artifacts most noticeable during the piano solo (the FR of this instrument was a nightmare, incidentally), are hard printed in the track and come free of charge.  It's fixable with automated EQ and ambiance games, but life is too short already to mess about with unnecessary evils.

I remixed this for no other reason than to challenge myself to come up with something that was personally more engaging than a pair of looped acoustic guitars panned L/R and chorused for 5 minutes - a psychological danger if ever there was.

Time allocation was as follows:
30 percent thinking and planning....
20 percent doing...
50 percent taking the dog for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Angel

I should have spent more time fixing the piano upper mids for the benefit of the lossy encoder, but the dog wouldn't let me  Big Grin I also suspect aliasing in the gtr parts too!

For those with a hearing impairment (which seem to be the majority these days), they are not not on my list of priorities Tongue

.m4a    SongForJohn-MONKED.m4a --  (Download: 10.64 MB)

Very, very, very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous!!! Respect !!!
Your musical talent is just amazing!
Thanks for the interesting remix!!
BTW no guitars were looped in the original recordings, just a DADGAD tuned main guitar (which I wasn't terribly happy with) and a pair of hard-panned acoustics in standard tuning later in the song.
And I have to confess - it was in 16bit/44.1!!

I'm pleased that despite all that, you took up the challenge!!
Ian D