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i hope you like it Big Grin one down alot more to goTongue the mix is before mastering so bring up the volume

.mp3    ul-mix Uncle Dad \'Who I Am2.mp3 --  (Download: 2.77 MB)

Another nice warm and smooth-sounding mix this. On the whole, there are lots of sensible balancing decisions again, but I'd have liked a bit more upright bass in the mix, particularly in the lower octaves. It's possible that you decided to leave things a little cool in this respect on account of those occasional over-hot notes that crop up whenever the bass tickles that big resonance -- those peaks seem balanced fairly well, but that means of course that everything else falls rather short!

I'm also not convinced that the mono presentation here is going to do you any favours. Not only does summing the stereo channels lose you a lot of the warmth from the guitars and reverb, but the main instrumental riff (at 0:00, 1:06, 1:49, 2:38) really loses ground against the lead vocal, whereas it feels to me as if it should rather take over the lead role during those sections.

The only other thing I wonder is whether the vocal's having to try a bit too hard to compete against the rest of the arrangement. It just feels that the vocal's having to rely a bit too much on its 2-4kHz region for cut-through, which therefore gives it quite a hard edge that seems at odds with the vocal delivery and the song's message in general.
Hi Uzilevi

I like your mix. Good depth in instrument sounds. The drums sound good. The stereo image has good separation. To me the overall sound could use more energy.

I am curious. Did you use any compression on the vocals?

Thank you. Keep mixing.
Ian Scott Stewart
Now, uzilevi,

that we have three different versions of this song, I find it much easier to find out (and state) what I like in each of them. And it becomes clearer to me that there is a distinction between crafty execution, coherence of vision and that vision's fitness for a particular purpose. And I tend to believe that determining purpose should come first.

What I like about this mix is coherence and execution. I share Ian's admiration for the drums. Differing with Mike, I find the restrained bass somewhat logical. What I like most is the overall stereo and frequency balance. Regarding the vocals, I am not sure what "hard edge" Mike has in mind, but I find the lead vocal lacking a bit of definition (but not sheer volume), especially when compared to the background vocal. I reckon that a bit more air would already fix it.

In terms of purpose, I think this mix fits a TV studio very well, but starting from the songs message that Mike referred to, I tend to picture it being played in a barn. And the other mixes, while not as polished, support this image better, because they are... well... not as polished.

I find this mix instructive and a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for providing it!

hi marc
im hapy you like it ,i dont see or hear any problem with it ,if you are mising some hi end ,it can be added on mastering .
on the mix side you jast need to make shure that the track sound good if i like it littel dark and you alittel bright its jast taste so all the time on agood mix you can edd hi end after the mix is ended,this is not saying its not good or jast lack somthing ,this is what the artist is for and the mastring also its all the over all feel if you want it to be hapy you will go for bright .
(24-04-2012, 01:16 PM)uzilevi Wrote: i hope you like it Big Grin one down alot more to goTongue the mix is before mastering so bring up the volume

First off, IMHO the only thing you should ever do in "mastering" is normalize the whole thing to 0 dBFS. Trying to make recordings "loud" ruins their clarity and dynamics. Trust me; your recording will sound a lot better if you don't "master" it with compression. If people want it louder they can do exactly as you suggested: turn it up. Wink

That being said, this is a mix with potential but there are a few problems here.

First of all, WAY too much reverb here; it's obscuring all the details of the sound. The reverb EFFECT ITSELF is good, a nice smooth reverb reminiscent of a stage or performance arena; it's just too strong and overbearing. All the reverb tends to make the cymbal crashes too soft and wishy-washy. Gotta dial that back quite a bit.

Vocals sound nice and present, and I like the fact that you brought the backing vocal up with them (so many people who mix this song tend to bury that lovely backing vocal). Vocals are a little too bright, though; you might try backing off 2-4 dB around 5 kHz.

The dobro sounds a little "boxy" to me. Try pulling back maybe 2 dB on the midrange around 1000 Hz?

And, once again, I'd stay away from "mastering." Wink
John A. Ardelli
Pedaling Prince Pictures