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crownoise - Dying light
phew hard one! Got a bit stuck here so didn't know how to improve it so gave what i got but was really hard, will be fun to hear you alls mixes peace Smile

.mp3    Dying Light.mp3 --  (Download: 9 MB)

Very nice. liking the bass and guitars!! Drums need work not impactful and sound like they are in a different sonic space, a bit detached if you will.
Not hearing the strings violas,cellos and little definition or balance on the horns.
Not an easy mix but I think you can do better. Drums seem to be a weak point based on listening to other tracks you have mixed.
I would focus on that a bit more in the future. Just my 2 cents.

Hey man thankyou Smile yes hard this one, didn't nail the drums at all haha but i mean those drums where very badly recorded omg... feels like every hit is unequal and what not, atleast they should have a sample in there or something for both kick and snare, takes so much time to just fix them to equal level, which means that the whole mixprocess suffers and makes other stuf less grate, so yea you are totally right.
Yes this is quite a challenging mix. I do really like the high gain guitar sound you got here. I think I might have cut a bit too much of the top end noise out on my go at this.

Yeah I think I agree with the comments here. Perhaps just a little re-balance of the drums (maybe some additional samples) and a bit of splatty reverb on the snare would help a lot. I also agree the orchestra part could do with a bit more balancing work - to get the right sort of feel. I found it was quite tough to fit everything in there at the end of the mix.

For me, I find if I have that sort of nagging feeling that the mix is not yet quite right - and I am getting bit stuck - I try not to just let it go. I find it helps to take a decent break and just go back to the mix later and keep on chipping away at it. Listening away from the computer can help too - so I can concentrate just on listening and identifying the problems - rather than tweaking. I also find listening to commercial mixes in the same sort of genre can help a lot - to get ideas and things.