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Stereo tracks
I am setting up to practice live mixing.  I originally sough out this projectr because it has 60 tracks in it.  But as I load them into Reaper, I see many of them are strereo.  If I map this to my 64 channels of Dante, I quickly run out of channels in Dante.
Do any of you have any advice on tracks in here that are truly stereo vs just 2 channel tracks?

This looks like it could explode into about 100 channels, and well, I need to upgrade a lot on my Soundcraft to get another Dante card to even fit in there.
I suppose you could put a plugin on the track that has right and left polarity buttons flip one side and put it in mono to see if it cancels out. It's a bit time consuming I suppose. I'm not familiar with Reaper nor Dante so I don't know how you would go about it. Oh or try some type of correlation meter, if you have one. If it reads +1 it's mono (or dual mono, same thing just 6db louder.).

Couple of additional thoughts that may or may not help, as I'm not familiar with the multitrack for this one:

- Can you create your own comps/sub-mixes using folder tracks within Reaper?
- Just use your own judgement as to which tracks actually need to be kept stereo, and just bin one channel of the others?


How did you get on? Will you return to make a 2nd post to give us an update?