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MekaPhil - Timeless (Part 2) - Mix by Theo PB
Wow that was a fun track to mix! I'm proud of what I made with this song. It was as much about production than mixing, giving that we can reamp the guitars and bass, adapt the MIDI drums, and even go as far as redo all synth and keys (however I kept the synths from the multitracks).

The drums in the multitracks were made with Steven Slate Drums I think. I chose instead to build a kit with Addictive Drums, which had more snap and presence. This also allowed me to change some MIDI snare and crash hits to make them sound more natural.

I reamped guitars and bass using Audio Assault ReAmp Studio with Ownhammer cabinet impulse responses.

I wanted mixing to be as efficient as possible, seeing the large amount of tracks. For that I used the Voxengo Voxformer channel strip on tracks, and some EQ/saturator on buses. I also processed the mixbus more than usual, to give more glue to the dense arrangement, and achieve the loudness expected in the genre of the song.

.mp3    timeless1.mp3 --  (Download: 6.79 MB)