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ShortWave Radio Band - Don't Care (Mix&Master)
My Mix and master of this song.


-Added version 2 with some air windows channel9 saturation as crownwise suggested.

.mp3    Shortwave Radio Band - Don\'t Care.mp3 --  (Download: 5.79 MB)

.mp3    Shortwave Radio Band - Don\'t Care V2.mp3 --  (Download: 5.79 MB)

Nice mix man Smile Sound radioready. Only thing i got is maybe master could be a tiny louder but only in a "warmer" way sort of, give that tiny db + with the right saturation. Think that Airwindows channel 9 with neve setting or mackie maybe would bring some nice extra volume with boost there even if it clips the output. Really nice mix though like the mix better then mine , nice choices gj.
Thanks crownoise I'm glad that you liked my mix, I don't know nothing about the Airwindows channel 9 plugin but I'm going to give it a chance if it sounds good and warm like you say I'll post the revision, Thanks again for your comment and feedback.