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Crownoise - The Psychopath
Ok so i relative quick one for this one aswell but very nice song, slammed it aswell to get some volume since i didn't mix it so long, fun to hear yours.

.mp3    The Psychopath.mp3 --  (Download: 11 MB)

hey crownoise,

the intro guitar is a little loud. also, try rolling of a little low freq in the guitar. the bass guitar is now messing with the guitars and kick. overall nice mix.. but needs a little work.
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Thanks for the input Brady! A tip for me to you would also to not be so afraid of bass tones, it can be really cool if you manage to fix it even though you boost freqs in the lower spectrum, i listened to you mix and it lacks some subs and bass, makes the guitars feel very poky/nasal/weak if you will so thats a good thing to look into, or actually a very important thing.