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MekaPhil - Timeless (Part 2)

Cool song overall, seemed a bit theatrical to me.
All in-the-box, 16 hour mix over 3 sessions.

Update: Automation included
Low end up 4 db on the masterĀ 
Some tracks got bumped up aswell
Extra 1.5 hours on this one.

P.S. not sure how it translates on other systems, as I only tested on two.
Pro tip: do not bounce on the same day as mixed. (hope this one stays for me for a while)

Best regards.

.mp3    MekaPhil - Timeless (Part 2).mp3 --  (Download: 9.16 MB)

.mp3    Mekaphil_2.1.mp3 --  (Download: 9.16 MB)

Hello, an thank you for doing a mix! I'm responding specifically to 2.1 here.
First thing's first, the vocals are a little too full range. I think it's because everything has a lot of like, 500hz to 600hz. Reducing that in a few of the instruments, maybe the vocals WILL reduce clutter and you could probably even bring the main vocals down in volume a little. The harmonies can be SUPER high passed and blended in to taste.
Second, it is lacking in width. So make sure those rhythm guitars are panned hard. The tone is solid. It's got beef and weight to it. That doesn't need to change. But I think there's too much center guitar and not enough sides. This is a common problem, so don't feel bad about that.
Third, I'd love to hear more 60hz in the kick and have the bass increase a little bit in the 100hz range. That's mostly a taste thing, so you don't gotta worry about it, but it'd make a change overall.
Lastly, though not as important, you might just wanna clean a little resonance from the cymbals or the guitars. They get kinda harsh at 2.5khz andd 4khz when they're playing together. I'd probably scoop those out of the overheads or the spot mics and rooms, but it's your call. There's not MUCH fighting, but enough that I noticed.

Overall, it's a solid mix with a few tweaks that could gel things together really well! Thank you for that. Smile