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Back To The Nineties :-P
The lyrics talk about "Fight on". At the beginning of the song, the singer said "The title of the song has nothing to do with the content of the song." hahaha  Big Grin  I understand because I'm Thai.

.mp3    Mastered.mp3 --  (Download: 10.94 MB)

Hi @ghostmix,
this is an interesting insight of the song and the performance.
Your mix does also emphasize the fighting character of the song. The compression of the drums drives a lot of the attacking transients. That does however cut the body of especially the snare and the kick to a sparse amount. Also the dynamic playing of the drummer gets evened out. Especially those little grace notes of the snare in the quieter parts suffer from that. On the low end there could be a little more oomph on the kick. Maybe trying to apply the compression on a parallel channel could do the trick here.
It doesn't have to sound good to move people - David Byrne
Hey i like the drums, really slammy but kinda feels out of context on some places. AS mentioned before sampling / samples can make the drummer feel like a machine sometimes and that isn't too desirable. Snare is phat though.