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Help choose the next James May multitrack upload...
Hello all,

James May has agreed to allow you all to choose which of the songs from his fantastic new album you'd most like to mix in multitrack form. All you have to do is take a listen to the track previews at the album's CD Baby page, and them post your preferences as replies to this thread. Easy!
Greetings to all the talented mixers here on this forum!

It has been a pleasure and a treat listening to the results of your efforts with my music. Some have been truly outstanding, and all have had at least some interesting elements, and therefore are learning opportunities for all of us students of audio production. And, I have been touched by some of the comments people have made, and by the care with which the material is treated.

To those that have sent me mixes by email, I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to everyone. But do know that I do check in on this forum from time to time and listen to what's been happening.

As Mike said above, I would like to share another song and am going to let you all have a say on which one that is. Please keep the suggestion replies coming and I'll tally them up after a while and put up another song. I'll add some behind the scenes info about the tracks and any deficiencies therein. None are as perfect as one would like, but that's the real world for you!

Oh and if you go to my website's music page you can hear much longer excerpts than the 30 sec clips on CDBaby. You could even purchase MP3s. Send me an email if you'd like to purchase FLAC copies for the same price.

All the best in music and in life,
James May
Nice album. I'd like to do Fall-in Lake. Best regards to Mike and James! D.
Thanks to all who responded.

The top results were:
Don't Let Go: 3 first-choice votes plus 1 2nd-choice vote
The Devil I Know: 3 first-choice votes
Fall-In Lake: 3 first-choice votes

Therefore, I've given Mike the multi-track files for Don't Let Go. He'll be posting them soon. Happy mixing.
James May