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Geometria Chicken - Incidente En Intag MIX
Hello, everyone!
This is my first time posting in here and I decided to go with this song first because it was featured in Latest Additions tagged as Spanish Funk-Rock, and being a spaniard myself I thought I'd give it a go hehe (although I think the band is actually from Ecuador).
The recorded tracks were admittedly not ideal (to my taste at least) but I decided to work with what was given and refrain from using any additional samples (besides the kick one that was already included) or any re-amping. Also this mix is pretty much static since I wanted to get it to a basic point and not bother with riding faders or automating too much yet. This is because the point of this mix is to gain a little experience with external material and testing my template (please note I started mixing just 2 years ago) rather than making a super polished final product like I would for a client. 
Anyways, here it is. Hope you people can give me some feedback, it'd be much appreciated  Big Grin
PS: although the mix is not actually mastered, I slapped a limiter at the end of my chain purely for output gain.

.mp3    geometria chicken MIX V1 - elgatocamisas.mp3 --  (Download: 7.08 MB)

Cool mix mate i like the deep sound
(31-08-2021, 10:07 AM)crownoise Wrote: Cool mix mate i like the deep sound

thanks a lot!!  Big Grin