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Sonnet & Alcohol: 'Back To The Nineties'
hi there, thanks for this song, i like it.
here is my mix.

.mp3    S&A.mp3 --  (Download: 11.45 MB)

Good mix! For me, the kick have a lot of subs. But is a litlle point!!
Nice effect on voice!
Pep from Pepus Estudi
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Hey dryfat. I like the bald move going for a subby sound and big lowend even though as supep mentioned it might be a tiny 2 much. I think it would have been very nice and that it would'v worked if the subs and lower frequencies got some clathrity boost, mainly in mix but some at mastering aswell. It has a deep sound and is phat so i agree with supep it being a good job Smile. Snare sounds cool.
Hi supep, hi crownoise, I'm glad that you like the mix.