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MekaPhil -Timeless Part 2 mix and master
Hi! Here is my mix and master of the song.

-Drums were the samples provided. I just "fattened" them up to drive the song more.
-Bass was re-amped, then EQ and limiter on the back end, with some fattener to mix well with the drums.
-Guitars were re-amped using STL Howard Benson. Like I said in the previous MekaPhil mix. I use and abuse this plugin.
-Piano used sfortza Plogue with some reverb to sweeten it.
-Synth was simply a doubler with some EQ and a limiter.
-Vocals were simple EQ, compression, a limiter and some reverb and delay to sweeten them up.
-Mastering was pretty straightforward. I used an EQ, limiter, compressor and some saturation. I wanted to use a J-37 emulator, but it added too much noise for my taste.

Hope you enjoy! Smile

.mp3    MekaPhil - Timeless Part2.mp3 --  (Download: 5.48 MB)

Oh man! I'm not at my studio yet, but I absolutely adore the synth and piano there. Everything sounds so nice and full! I love the background / foreground vocal balance and blend! I'm glad you had a fun time with it and I appreciate the time you spent on it.
It's great to hear people making really good mixes of our stuff~!
Hey! Just listening to the track on my studio monitors after having streamed a mix of this song. My main points of criticism are, everything feels a little peaky in the 2k region, HOWEVER I think that may just be that the center guitar (guitar 3) is a bit too high relative to the other guitars. It could be brought down a decent amount as it's mainly there for texture. The center guitar definitely gets in the way of the rest of the mix. If you do another one, I'd just love for that to be brought down a bit!
Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate it greatly.

The center guitars...yeah they can be brought down a bit. I split the signal to a left/right pan just because the mix was super center centric, but maybe I overshot it. And I may go back and notch some 2k out in mastering. I think it was the J-37 emulator that misbehaved, but I'll have to go back and look at my mastering chain.

Again, thanks for the nice complements! I appreciate it! Smile