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Transcention - Weekend Mix
Hi All,
Here is my mix of Transcention. Really fun mix to work on, because I got to experiment on a large variety of things. This is totally out of my musical realm, and that stretch makes it really fun also. I believe I automated more parameters in this mix than in all my mixes since December. I really didn't have a clear picture of this one, so I just took it and ran - probably turned it into something very different than the artist intended (i've done that before).
Funny story: When I mixed this yesterday, I somehow didn't pull the drums into the mix (I did have the percussion). I came back to it today and noticed the drum WAV files in the folder when I went to open the mix and finish it. The drums make it a totally different mix! (duh). So now I've gone through again and made it something new.
Thanks for listening, and, as always: comments/criticisms are encouraged, welcomed, and begged for.

*** Update: going along with my cockup with the drums: when I pulled them into the mix later, I forgot that I had snipped off some empty space at the beginning of the mix which made the newly added drums off time. I had fought not to try and 'fix' this when I was mixing, thinking that the off-beat swirly drum effect was intended. I have deleted that mix and uploaded the fixed drum mix now, so if you heard the previous version listen to the existing one instead. I didn't do any fixing of the still swirling off-beat drum thing in the build toward the end, still thinking that it was an intended effect. Thanks again for listening!

.mp3    Transcention 2-17-14.mp3 --  (Download: 4.75 MB)