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Chalga - Szárad A Száj
There is a wonderful raw quality to this track, I liked it very much. The biggest problem for me was how "fluid" the drummer's playing is, esp. in the second verse. Fortunately, an overdubbed shaker part legitimized that quite well, at least from my current perspective Big Grin There are still some slightly chaotic parts, but IMO that's ok, because the whole recording doesn't seem to aim to be tight or perfect. The second problem I had was with the arrangement, because on one hand it seemed a bit too monotone, on the other it has this slight touch of meditative/ephemeral quality that I did not want to loose. For that reason I reused the vocalise from the end of the song as a background for the choruses, and then I've cut the outro out to avoid the awkward loss of momentum. I know this is quite intrusive, but from my subjective perspective it works for this song and in normal conditions I would be able to discuss with the band. Hopefully they won't get too angry or offended Wink

.mp3    Chalga - Szárad a száj.mp3 --  (Download: 7.53 MB)