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I hate everything about this ;)
No, honestly I do. No disrespect, this song just doesn't "talk to me" ... at all! It's probably because I don't understand it ...

Anyhow, I chose this, because there's good practice in mixing stuff you don't necessarily love ...

I gave it my best shot. I think it was difficult, and I'm not overly thrilled about the result.

So, tips, trix & comments are very welcomed.

.mp3    The Left Backs - The Feeling.mp3 --  (Download: 6.75 MB)

I have a Polish friend, who is a sound engineer. Oh, and a Czech one too.

Youve got a really nice, well rounded drum sound here, snare is a little spikey and could have a little more presence and character but other than that sounds great! The kick is getting a little lost with the bass sometimes but i think that could be solved with some multi band compression on the low end of the bass, maybe like 1-2db of GR. The solo guitar could do with some hi mids scooping too, maybe around 2.5khz, feels a little screechy compared to the rest of the song.

This was a pretty difficult mix, partly why i enjoyed it so much, but thats also the key to being a great mix engineer; removing your own personal feelings from the song and serving the artist! and I think youve nailed that here so kudos.

Out of interest, what parts are you not thrilled about? Because at the very least you've managed to strike a pretty good balance between all the parts and the song has substantial energy to carry it along!
I like the ballance you got a lot, though i found the hihat to be loud and harsh.
As a generall thing i would suggest you to experiment with diffrent eqs , the most common "mistake" i listen on mixes is the luck of high end.
try diffrent bands and curves combining experimentation and then listen your favorite mixes, you will learn a lot.
Also the best listener is the avarage listener to judge us, not always from what they will tell you bat from what you really see them feeling when listening your mixes.
keep rocking bro
Very cool guitar tone in the intro. It might be too loud compared to the rest of the song and it also promises too much from the get go. Overall your mix feels static, it has depth but it lacks some punch and aggression which I would expect from this kind of garage music. The balance is good, though. Hi-hat and solo guitar are obviously too loud and harsh which kind of limits you in terms of adding punch and aggression to the overall picture.

You not got the feeling on this one?

Yeah - good mix overall. I agree that the drums are a little too spikey though, as Matt says. I too am missing the kick, and maybe a touch of low end perhaps? I think the snare gets little too kick like maybe towards the end of the track?

I like this song...
Yeah, I'll just agree with what everyone has said already. It feels a bit weak from about 100hz down.