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The Left Backs: 'The Feeling' mix
my mix

.mp3    TheLeftBacks_TheFeeling.mp3 --  (Download: 6.97 MB)

It sounds great!

Maybe there's something about the guitar balances that I'm not a huge fan of ... and maybe there's something about the toms as well ... maybe ...

Sonically, however, I am a great big fan of your work!
I have a Polish friend, who is a sound engineer. Oh, and a Czech one too.

Thanks a lot , i really appreciate that bro!
I will totaly agree with you about the toms ( i tend to cut them super tight and then give them sustain from rooms bat i got lazy with the room verb and didnt twik it i think at all)
Guitars really is a matter of taste bat to tell you the truth i am not a big fun eather.