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Motor Tapes - Shore
This one challenged me a bit.  The biggest problem that I didn't identify until late in the process, was that the room mic & overheads were canceling each other out.  I like to pan drums as if the listener is the audience for spacier songs like this, and the room mics just weren't letting me do that.  What drew my attention to it was the ride cymbal, which is probably the only element of the song I strongly dislike.  It sounds a bit like a high pitched metal trash can lid.

The other thing I struggled with, is the volume of the vocals.  My initial response was to bring the verses up a bit, but I was starting to think that the singer WANTED it to be quieter.  Listened to the final mix provided, and sure enough, it's pretty quiet.

.mp3    Motor Tapes - Shore.mp3 --  (Download: 9.39 MB)