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Transcention - APZX [Original Mix]
So, after listening to the mixes that folks have done I figured it would probably be interesting to show everyone the original mix.

The big differences in how I mixed the track versus other people really comes down to how I treated the bass. As most are no doubt aware the sub bass on this track is turned up 11. However, the intention was not for the sub bass to be just sub bass but rather the sub bass have distortion turned way way up. So, as a result the actual sub bass patches are very clean but ran through some rather extreme distortion to make them an instrument that almost competes with the actual leads in their own right.

Also, the track was composed for a competition and the idea of the competition was Breakbeats and DnB. That might give some more clues as to the actual approach of the mix. However, what I have heard of the mixes thus far have almost a dubby kind of air to them. Which to me is very interesting.

.mp3    Transcention - APZX.mp3 --  (Download: 5.95 MB)

Cool! Thanks for providing this mix to work on, it was a fun one for me. I absolutely love what you did with the bass at the beginning! i tried to get that great high information to come out, but mine is more darkly distorted and not as effective; yours is all there and punchy. I really enjoyed listening.
As you have mixed this track, I'll get to listening and writing my thoughts down sometime tomorrow, you no doubt noticed that there are two different basslines. The treatment I used for this first one was an ever so slightly modified preset on D16 Audiogroup's Devastor, DNB sub one. Add in some interesting shelving EQ treatments and tight sidechain compression and that bass sound is itself. The second sound is actually not all that different in terms of treatment, still has Devastor on it. However, I straight up used a preset because it just sounded right, the Simple Clipper preset. Man, it just worked.

But as I said in the original post, the reason for all the sub bass was so that it could be heavily distorted and still retain all that bottom end. Plus I love this kind of heavy distortion on bass.