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ridgybeatle mix
Hi guys -

This mix went quick. Mostly just lopping off low end and notching out low-mids. This was really nicely tracked and played.

.mp3    uncle dad - who i am.mp3 --  (Download: 7.02 MB)

I really, really liked this mix. You've obviously worked hard on developing your skills. All the instruments sit nicely in the balance and the end result is greater than the sum of the parts. Well done!

The only thing i would say (and I'm saying it 'cos everything else is great), is that there is little in the way of long term dynamics. The final chorus level is the same as the first verse and everything else in between. In fact the opening "when we pray" level is greater than the final harmony crescendo "highway runs".

I suspect you've ridden the main stereo bus (using either compressor or manual trim), or some individual tracks, hard up against a limiter to give a constant level - and I'm guessing there's a good 5-6db sitting in the limiter. I'm probably wrong but that's what it sounds like (and looks like too).

Most guys on this forum are pretty clued up re loudness so there's no real need to post loud tracks as most folks will just turn up quieter mixes and enjoy the dynamics.

Excellent work and don't let my comments detract from the fact that i really enjoyed this mix.
Thank you, HbGuitar! My main stereo buss has one compressor (The Glue or sometimes Massey's MC5) and it usually makes the needle dance just a bit. That's all. I do my "mastering" afterward, after a good break from the song.

I hear what you're saying about the dynamics. I could have/should have manufactured some in there to give the ears a break... next time!
To my ears its way too bright and static in the dynamics.
Your balance is good, drums sound fine, but the stringed instruments are hard to separate for string atck and the lovely mids cant compete with so much highs
I suggest you boost less high or cut less mid, it'll sound more natural and wont tire the ears of elderly people like myself Big Grin

Old ears, old gear, little boy inside love music and sounds and my wife, not necessarily in that order