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V.M.GY - The Crown Mix
awesome song and fun to mix
I used some songs from Buster Odeholm as reference
let me know, what you guys think m/

.mp3    VMGY - The Crown_MixV1.mp3 --  (Download: 8.41 MB)

Awesome mix man!!! Very energetic if I should say so myself. Absolutely loved the vox delay on specific parts, gave the song the dynamic it needed.

After I heard the intro I thought "hey, how's this guy gonna handle the low-end from here on?" and no problems whatsoever, everything was consistent and on point.

Should also point out how crazy defined you got the drum sound, even with the craaaazy bleed in the OH & Drum Room tracks.

I suppose you're doing some sort of limiting in the end of your master chain, so sometimes the mix is a bit squashed... but hey, it's Death Metal!!!! Great Job Big Grin

if it sounds good, do it bruh
Hey DM! Buster is one of my favorite engineers at the moment, so I can definitely hear the influence! The one thing that I'd say is, compared to Buster's mixes, the kick has a little bit too much 4khz in it. Also, the guitars have a BIT too much fighting with the bass in the 100hz area. Buster is the king of clean areas for guitar by scooping chunks of the low end. I'd recommend just carving them out a bit in that region. Overall, I like this mix! The leads sound great, and the whole mix has the kind of aggression I like! It's almost as loud as commercial releases, which is a good thing!
So those are the only areas I'd focus on. The low end of the guitar (specifically just like, 100hz to 200hz) and the 4k click of pretty much every part of the drums. Especially the click and the cymbals. They're aggressively bright.
Good mix though!