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West End Blend - Kane Guru
My mix.

.mp3    West End Blend - Kane Guru.mp3 --  (Download: 13.84 MB)

This is a really solid mix. I can only criticize some minor things. Panning both horns slightly to the left sound odd to me. I think panning one slightly left and one slightly right would sound more balanced. The vocals sound a bit too dry to me. I also think you could have brought up the trombone fills with some automation. Adding some stereo effect could make the synth a bit more interesting.

Edit: I just noticed that this mix is really loud. Though it's been quite skillfully done, so I don't hear any obvious artifacts, I doubt that it was good for the sound. -8 LUFS is really excessive for a live recording like this.

Thanks for checking it out. Seems a while ago since I did this one.

The horn section is on the left in the room though Smile

I only just checked the video but I tried to figure it out from the O/H and room mics when I did the mix. Tricky though as it turns out the drums were set up opposite the rest of the band, which is why I think I got the guitars the 'wrong' way round. I could may be have panned the male vocal slightly left and the female slightly right though.

I alway try and 'recreate the room' with the mic's from these more live sessions. Also I listen to 50s/60s jazz too so 'odd' panning probably doesn't bother me so much. I do take your points though all these same and appreciate the comments. I have done some more left-center-right panning of a horn section more recently.

The library mix is 7.7 LUFS, so I wanted to be in the ballpark. I personally feel 8-9 LUFS is fine for this. I find a half decent mix is easily able to get to 8-9 LUFS without any special effort as such.