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mITc take on 'An Ultraviolet Apology'
The immediate impression I had of this song was that the vocal needed to be special with the rest of the ensemble adding sparkle and movement to the arrangement, dancing underneath and around the vocal part. In the reference mix, the vocal just seemed very small to me. So I tried to go big on the voice and this is what ensued.

Listening to the tracks revealed the first vocal phrase filled with all kinds of noise. I chopped most of this out and then used the gate on a Schoeps Omnichannel to expand away the rest of the noise. There was also a lot of breath noise on the vocal track which I also chopped out.

There are so many ways to interpret this song, this is just my humble impression.

A few weeks back I created my own pseudo Clearmountain Domain/CLA Echosphere with 6 delays on busses and 6 reverbs on Effects Returns and added it to my mix template. So far I've been pretty happy with the flexibility and results I've gotten. In the vocals here you can hear some of the complexity I was able to create. There is an Acorn Multiplier with a send to an H-Verb, a beat delay with a send to a Lexicon Chamber, a narrow and flat small room reverb, and a send to a flanger. All of the effects return to the vocal sub so they share the compression there. Each delay chain and reverb chain has a compressor before the effect and an EQ after it. These are used optionally.

Thanks, and happy listening,

.mp3    ButterflyEffect - An Ultraviolet Apology.mp3 --  (Download: 12.58 MB)

PreSonus Studio One DAW
on Remote Desktop Server with Dante (ask for details)
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