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The Butterfly Effect: 'An Ultra Violet Apology' - Sarajevo Calm Mix
Hi folks  Big Grin
Been studying mixing since November '20. There are obvious issues to back in and fix but I'd love some feedback in relation to where I'm at and what I should look out for in my next project.
Many thanks for this and the continuing inspiration!

.mp3    An Ultraviolet Apology (Mix1).mp3 --  (Download: 7.73 MB)

While the sounds are generally fine the vocals are a bit buried. Also, while not truly vital, it might be good practice for you to bring your mixes up to typical loudness levels via some mastering process.
So my question to you is, does this mix represent what you think the artist may want or does it represent what you heard and tried to express?
PreSonus Studio One DAW
on Remote Desktop Server with Dante (ask for details)
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