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PH: Back Down
Hi, this is my first mix of this great track. First time mixing a hip hop track. Lot's of fun. Great not having to battle so much with live instrument recordings for a change!

I kind of went to town on panning in this mix, not something I've done much before, but moving the vocals and instruments around the stereo image has massively helped with maintaining interest, IMHO. - Some alternating panning on various instruments and vocals, and some subtle auto pan on synths and hats

I'm quite pleased with how the stereo delay effect on the snare has worked out.

I've used more ambient reverb than ever to blend instruments together. 

I used the send-delay trick into a single stereo reverb to place instruments at varying 3D depths:
60ms for drums and backing vox
50ms for synths
40ms for keys

No reverb on lead vox, just some simple stereo slapback delay

See v3 below on post #6.

.mp3    Back Down v1.mp3 --  (Download: 9.35 MB)

Mastered by...
  • Compression using Waves Kramer Tape with around 3DB of compression.
  • Slammed another 4DB into FabFilter Pro-L limiter.
So now it competes volume-wise with some of the other mixes on this forum.

I wanted to have more contrast between verses and chorus, so I've experimented with pulling back the global reverb in the choruses. I know, the opposite of the norm! But actually it seems to work ok!

.mp3    Back Down v2.mp3 --  (Download: 9.35 MB)

In a way, our mix is quite similar
maybe it need more depth i think 0.0
nice work dude~~~~
hope we can keep in touch~~~~
That hat is miles to loud
I'm liking the moment you've created! Sounds awesome. I think the hat roll gets a bit lost in the mix.
Thanks for all your feedback, here are the amendments.

I spent more time listening to the mix on my Avatone mono speaker. I don't know why I buy these things and then don't use them as much as I should!
  • Increased the volume of the Hat Rolls, and added some alternating delay and autopan.
  • Decreased volume of the main hat lines.
  • Added tempo sync'd autopan to the main hat - really like the result, adds a lot of movement and interest.
  • Used Mike's TT25 tip for improving bass translation. Really like the result, thanks Mike.

.mp3    Back Down v3.mp3 --  (Download: 9.35 MB)