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Eduard Semenov: 'River Of The White Gloom'
My mix,

Used the same chain on each tracks : hp/lp, 2 compressors, parallel distortion with filtered input, dynamic eq, eq and another eq for mixing after the balance is done. Bass is sidechained to the cajon.

2 reverb bus, the main one of the lenght 1s and predelay 5.5ms, the second one of 3.4s 17 ms predelay.
Hp filter and compressor at the input of the reverb and the output is compressed and corrected by a dynamic equalizer and a parametric eq. A delay(72ms with some feedback) is placed at the input of the main short reverb.

Plugins: Mequalizer, Mcompressor, Msaturator, Tdr nova, Dubstation 2, Valhalla Room.

.mp3    EduardSemenov_RiverOfTheWhiteGloom_Full2.mp3 --  (Download: 8.82 MB)

Hey LastDegree, i liked this. It has a nice vintage feel to it, nice Smile.