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Mix Critique
Wow, what a nice song and well recorded.

With that being the case, I've used remarkably little processing. Went for mono drums straight down the middle and spread the other instruments but many where stereo anyway.

Master buss has a full-band compressor with max 2dB gain reduction, +2.3dB from 4.3KHz upwards high-shelf and a limiter that just taps 1.5dB max gain reduction every now and again.
- Bass 3dB low shelf at 125hz.
- Acoustic guitar group HPF at 70Hz and -1dB band filter cut at around 8KHz, automated one section where only 1 guitar is playing.
- Organ HPF at 150Hz, 3dB boost at 3.5KHz.
- Keyboard HPF at 200Hz.
- Vocal cut some lows, HPF, and 6dB boost at 7Khz, moderate compression - plenty of vocal automatation.
- BV's HPF, cut some lows, boost some top, LPF to get rid of the airy-ness and push them into the mix, moderation compression, a little automation.
- Long chamber reverb on lead vocal and harmonica.
- Medium chamber reverb on some of the BV's - the later ones before the breakdown.
That's it! Let me know what you think! Thanks.

.mp3    We\'ll Talk About It Tonight.mp3 --  (Download: 9.61 MB)

Interesting mix, a much more raw take on the song. My only gripe would be that the piano is too dark and in the background. I think it could provide more energy to the mix if it were louder at least. The balance at the end could use some work too. I don't like the sound of the harmonica being a main element on that part and raising the strings up a bit there would help too.
Hi and thanks.

Yes, I think that's fair - boosting a shelf EQ at the top end of the piano (6dB) and raising the level slightly does help it poke out the mix and drive the song along better.

I'd got to a point with the end of the song where there was so much going on. Raising the strings and adding some more top works, as does dropping the harmonica down and also cut the acoustic guitars before the song kicks back in and it's sounding more refined.
Thanks again.
It gets to be super busy that's for sure! Did you post your updated mix?
(24-02-2021, 09:58 PM)GinghamJones Wrote: It gets to be super busy that's for sure! Did you post your updated mix?
Now attached! The harmonica entry at the end is retained, but then drops immediately down to blend in and let the strings take prominence.

.mp3    We\'ll Talk About It Tonight MP3 Master V2 27.02.21.mp3 --  (Download: 9.03 MB)