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Girls Under Glass - We Feel Alright
Hi all!
This is my first attempt at posting on this forum, so please forgive me if I mess things up.

A little intro of my self is appropriate, I guess, but I can't figure much out that possible can be of interest to you. I'm someone that does something completley diffrent than this for a living. I'm only mixing as a recreational hobby and I'm not aiming any higher than having a good time. That way I can pick projects that are interesting to me and just relax. I'm still willing to develop to keep it interesting, so any hints is greatly appreciated!

This song; This was kind of a hard one, but none the less a fun one. I've played a little with the intro making a rearrangement of the piano.
I've used Studio one 5, mostly stock plugins. Ozone 9 to master.

What do you think?


.mp3    Girls Under Glass - We Feel Alright.mp3 --  (Download: 12.09 MB)