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Headwound Harry - XXXV (Cherry Mix)
Back to ye ol' faithful Reaper for this mix.

Haven't mixed for a while since the death of my monitors. Replaced them recently with the new KRK series.

I was a little disappointed that the clean vocals weren't exported properly. I really love working with clean vocals. The recording was super solid though. Really cool to work with these. My only real grippe was that the vocals kinda sounded like they were recorded in a can. (Did the vocalist cup the mic?)

Tried to keep all the drums unsampled. But the snare really needed something in the high end. So I popped in a sample just for that. Other than that the drums are the original.

.mp3    Headwound Harry - XXXV.mp3 --  (Download: 9.06 MB)

'Suh Dude