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Mistrusted | Cascade | F
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
Maybe you've seen this thread before. Had problems uploading the song to the attachments. 
I expect nothing will go wrong this time.

Anyway, this is my mix for this song. Hope you enjoy it!
Should you have any suggestion or feedback, leave an answer below. Thanks.

.mp3    Mistrusted - Cascade - F.mp3 --  (Download: 7.31 MB)

Hey fernando. I like this mix. I think that the guitars could get more polished, try different eq-settings, i would as i hear yours go for more for adding first 400 hz around there and after that some 200 - 350 hz. If it gets to bulky instead of this shimmery nice dynamically thing you got going on in your guitars in your mix atm then either use some sort of dynamic eq after or use some compressor to tame what you equed. I totally get your brightness in the guitars but they get to thin. This is one of the most hardest things i think in mixing; to nail the lower midrange and bass. Often times guitars need sick amounts of bass to fight with the bassguitar (not even kidding). Good mix otherwise. Think of what tones you want to bring forth in the instruments and eq acordingly.