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My mix of Such Fine People
I'm mostly a producer of dance music/edm and such, but have been focusing on mix engineering (having attended audio engineering school) and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. This track was a pretty dense affair, with tons of different tracks and layered takes. I haven't mixed Metal before, so I though this would be a fun shot. I intend to use this mix in my portfolio. Hope you all enjoy it!

.mp3    Such Fine People [Mix Rev 2] (Test Master MP3).mp3 --  (Download: 5 MB)

Hey man! The kick sounds great and has a lot of punch. The guitars and bass, however, have come out a bit thin in my opinion. If you're coming from EDM, basically treat the rhythm guitars like a stereo lead saw synth. They are broadband noise and do need some attenuation here and there (typically 3-4k and low mid mud), however doing too much to them will easily make them feel lifeless and not much like a guitar at all. Also, in a track like this one, where the bass is following the guitars very closely, you can basically treat guitars + bass like one big instrument. Overall, you mix feels a bit telephone-y and mono and is lacking body between 100 and 250, which is the crucial area for low end on metal guitars and bass.

Hope these pointers help you out! Your mix is absolutely not bad, I can easily hear you know how to use compression effectively and I don't hear any technical problems at all. Unfortunately, metal is a very specific genre with regards to people's expectations towards how it generally should sound and especially, with regards to what makes a guitar sound like a guitar. If you intend to work more in that genre (or get hired to do so at some point) feel free to hit me up for well-produced and -mixed reference tracks that you can use for orientation! Cheers, Björn
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Hey! Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to my mix and offer the pointers! I am most certainly more comfortable in EDM and self-produced tracks and I think it shows. I think the main issue is that I did not use a reference when I should have!

Now that you've pointed it out, I did actually perform quite a bit of cutting below the low-mid range on the guitars, so that is likely why they came out a bit thin. I will have to fix that Tongue

I did mix the midrange a bit strong, now that I'm listening on external speakers (well, my phone speakers lol). I think the main issue with that is I pushed the midrange too hot into my mix bus compression, and at the time, it sounded good but listening back afterwards, it feels like it's lacking in the high end too. I think the main reason it turned out with such a narrow stereo image is because I have mixed on headphones (not able to use monitors in my apartment, unfortunately haha) but thank you for pointing that out! I'll have to get a bit more creative with my panning.

Again, thank you very much for your time, I appreciate that! I'll take your advice to heart, and I'd love to hear any recommendations as far as reference mixes go! I'll give them a listen and build the mix more off those, and I think that will allow me to push more towards a better result.

Best regards,
I think your headphones has hella boosted low end because it seems like everything 70hz and below is missing from your mix so maybe your headphones has a 60hz bump which is quite common i find. And i agree with Bjorn the fact it all sound very telephone like and very heavy on the 1-2k range. Hope this helps some, Cheers!
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