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Crownoise - Cascade
Neat song! like it. Here is mine:

.mp3    Cascade.mp3 --  (Download: 7.34 MB)


Hey, not bad!

I feel there's maybe some resonance or something in the low/low mids in that clanging bass thing that comes it at around 1:07 though? Also the section with the stylophone?? or whatever it was - around the 2:13 mark. That section sounds just a little small to me compared to the verses somehow? I feel that bit should sound a little bigger perhaps?

Yeah haha i know! That mark at 1:07 is a bit cringe, but i seriously totally left it that way, i had no creativ energy to lift that part lol just didn't feel anything for that part. I will check the 2:13 mark, thanks mike Smile Smile.